Mordecai Senior & Jr.

Being a father is an awe-inspiring and breathtaking experience. Every evening, I get to engage in playful activities with my son Mordecai Jr., who eventually tires and drifts off to sleep in my arms, with his tiny hands clinging onto me. During the stillness of late nights, I take care of my son’s needs, feeding and burping him until he drifts back into a peaceful slumber. In these moments, I am filled with a sense of wonder and excitement about my son’s future. I contemplate who his friends will be, what his passions and hobbies will be, and what adventures await him. The joy of watching him grow and develop, coupled with his adorable giggles, is a thrill beyond words. It is a beautiful and magnificent journey to watch my son grow, making even the most difficult days worth it.

Being a father is truly an amazing experience that provides a glimpse into the boundless love of our Heavenly Father. Despite the complexities and imperfections of human relationships, fatherhood has the power to evoke deep emotions and stir within us a profound understanding of God’s unconditional love for His children.

As I tend to my son’s needs, from comforting him when he’s in pain to rejoicing in his laughter and growth, I am constantly reminded of the depth of God’s love for us. Despite our shortcomings, He loves us fiercely, sacrificially demonstrated by the sending of His son to die on the cross for our sins.

In these moments of reflection and joy, I am reminded that I am not just a father to my son but a child of a loving Heavenly Father who cares deeply for me and desires the best for me. And as I grow in my role as a father, I am learning more and more about the heart of God, who loves us beyond measure and always offers us His grace and guidance.

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