Allow Him to Love you

Allow Him to Love you!


Have you ever been in a place in life where you needed help and all the options available at your knowledge were not available? A place where none of your family members would help you. None of your friends wouldn’t even begin to understand. You were caught up in anxiety, depression…where words, tears, groans, murmurs, could not express the depth of the emotion you were going through. The point where even yourself could not articulate what exactly was going on in your life. I’m sure, like me, we’ve all had these moments when we get to the end of the day, tuck ourselves into bed, face the ceiling, & the only words that came out of our mouths was a cry for help from God.

Recently, I got a chance to speak from Psalm 25, the link is here.. A Purpose Story  . This is a song of David, where David prays for deliverance, forgiveness, and guidance. I remember reflecting on a few words that stood out to me from this text. This first word that stood out to me was the word enemy. Come to think about it, most of the fights we fight in life  begin in our mind. Many psychologists argue that our mind is the  most  powerful tools we have. Most of our battles begin in our heads.

The setting of Psalm 25 is not necessarily known, but looking at David’s life, a man after God’s own heart, who went through the motions of life, the emotions and feelings portrayed in this text clearly indicate a battle within the mind with a sense of longing to be rescued by God. See…. the Bible says that the enemy is the own who prowls like a lion, with one mission, to kill, steal, and destroy. Steals our joy. Kills our hopes and dreams, and constantly lies to us about our future, ultimately putting  us to shame. Shame and guilt are two different things. Guilt convicts us of the wrong and compels us to walk in the right. Shame strips us of our dignity and makes us feel worthless. In this text, David associates shame with the enemy; however, David gives us guidance on how to approach our enemies and not be put to shame. David cries out to God to teach him his ways and path.

“Make me to know your ways, O Lord;
    teach me your paths.
Lead me in your truth and teach me”

Psalms 25:4-5

As I read this text out loud, the feel to it is a need for help, guidance, and fully surrendering to someone else who knows better than you. In this case, David puts full trust in God to walk with Him and guide him. In doing so, he begins to remember….Hold on!!!!!!! Remember???

When I reflect on this word, remember,  I remember that both the devil and God remind us. The devil reminds us of our past mistakes and makes us shameful. But, God reminds us of His love and mercy in the past, which in return, refocuses us and realign  us to His promises and purposes. This reminds me of the children of Israel while wandering in the desert and distancing themselves from the hand of He who rescued them from the enemy. They began to forget who delivered them, which led to grumbling, mumbling, and complaining. Could it be that whenever we find ourselves in deep ends complaining. always busy, in a hurry, grumbling and sometime negative energy,  could it be that we are distancing yourself  from God? and not slowing down enough to truly experience Him  and allow ourselves to be loved by Him?  From a personal experience, I have discovered that whenever I get too busy in life and focused in my own doings at work, school, friendships, and everything else, rather that taking time to spend time reading God’s word and creating spaces where I can communicate with Him, the enemy within me rises and this is whenever I complain and grumble and forget God’s mercy and promises.

The good news is that God hears when we call him. He cares. We are not Perfect. Again and again we will be caught up in our own struggles. In small ways and big ways, we will move away from our relationship with Him. But unlike human beings, He is constantly seeking after us. He is a Father who never gives up on us. He eagerly awaits ready to celebrate us back into His house. All we need sometimes is to cry out loud, “Lord, I need you. Teach me your ways. Make my path.” By doing so, He becomes our light, our strength, and salvation. Then whom shall we fear?

As you read this, I pray that you will get a hold of your mind. You will rise up and know that He loves you and that nothing can separate you from his love. No matter who messed up you are, He’s ready to welcome you home. Allow Him to love you.


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