At the core, we are so self-centred . Do not even deny It!!


Has it ever occurred to you that at the core, we humans are so self- centred ? I watched on YouTube a story about a prominent news anchor who suffered illness and could not be able to do what he loved to do anymore. In his good days, everyone wanted an autograph from him, politicians had his numbers on dial if they wanted to have their agendas on air, he was an opinion shaper not to mention, he had many friends, or should I say acquaintances. Then one day, one thing led to another and his life crumbled to nothing. He even started losing his sight and no one cared anymore. He was in tears as he shared how no one would call his cell phone which was once always ringing and every one of his so-called friends would now tell him that they were busy.

How sad is this life? This should not be the case!!!!!!! The truth is, we live this life just for what we can get for ourselves!!! I know you might want to refute this but at the core, we are just so selfish. The other day I watched a bunch of friends from a distance at a dinner table who sat, laughed and everyone around that table seemed to be so well put and happy so to speak. See, life is interesting, we want to be in the cool circles, the best clique, the people who look like us, think like us and we will make sure to do anything just to fit in. if we would look deeper in us, we might be so lonely and hiding from the reality of what’s happening in our hearts.  Wait until the day, you will lose all you have, or that day that you will mess up big time! Or that day you will stand for what you believe, and it will seem “weird” to the culture around you that has normalized some issues. My friend, everyone will just disappear and that’s is the day you will realize that it’s just you!! your family will be around too but more important, God who had been with you, will always be there for you. I have experienced this times many times in my life but God has often used this opportunity to sieve those friendships that are true and those not true.

This scenario played so well in Jobs life, Job was a rich dude! In fact, if Job would have been in today’s time, he would probably have been on Forbes magazine, he had enormous wealth. Job was an upright man, blameless and loved God. He would have been a household name running some huge company. Then one day Job lost everything! All his stuff was all gone, his children were killed, he got sick and in so much pain, and his three friends left him. I don’t know if you feel this pain as you read the book of Job.  I cannot even begin to imagine what was going on in Jobs life. You think you are going through hard times? You must be kidding me!!! I talk to my American friends and I tell them that they do not realize how much they are blessed and should be grateful to God when they go through small problems. I have seen worse in my own continent.

This life is rough my friends, people will desert you! They will say they have a meeting to get to, a place to be and things to be done, and you will be left all alone with your God. If its a deeper pain, they will tell you that they will pray for you and desert you. As I write this, my heart breaks because I am getting convicted of doing some of this to my friends. See, we save our highest honor for people who put others before themselves, selfless people. Have you ever had a friend tell you that they will cancel something that meant so much to them to be with you? I once had a mentor who cleared his “important” schedule to spend the day with me. He has no idea to this day how he made me feel till this day. He also has no idea how his words played a huge role in helping me become the person I have become today.

There is hope for us though. we need each other, God created us with a need to need each other. How can we begin seeing each other as God sees us? how can we begin seeing the potential in others? how can we see the Gold in the trash as Carl Lents writes in his book “Own the Moment”, how can we do this friends? God loves us so much and will never leave us for sure. The moment we can begin to believe this and walk in confidence knowing that He will guide us and lead us in only ways he can, then we shall experience so much peace: peace that transcends human understand.

I don’t know what you could be going through; you could be in your job moments, or you could be a Hannah, expecting God for your Samuel,  or you could be feeling so alone, but I want to invite you to this amazing realization that you are God’s daughter/son and He is with you. See, Job cried out to God and He remembered him, Hannah in 1st Samuel cried to God and God heard her cry. God loves it when we call to him for help, when we realize that we cant do without Him.  Trust God’s promises, I know this might sound so oblivious, but I am so serious. Because God will never break a promise like we men do, the dishonesty in all our lives keep us from trusting others and even ourselves but God is always honest. If we are faithful, He will always remain faithful.  If you do not understand anything I have written, just know that God loves you unconditionally. Walk in that confidence and when your desires align with the divine, you will be unstoppable.

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