Fall Semester

Fall Semester

Photo Credits : From Egypt, Calliopy- Rita Zoumbatlis

Countries Represented: From top left Congo, Mexico, Vietnam, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Syria and Malaysia.                              PC : From Egypt, Calliopy- Rita Zoumbatlis

     I can’t quite find words to describe these past four months.I started a faith journey not knowing how the stretch  would be. Being on this road has not been easy, it has meant sacrifices, it has meant diving into the deep waters and not really knowing what may happen but God has been faithful. Adjusting to college has meant being able to balance so many things all at once. To say that I have been busy would probably be an understatement. There’s always something going on at school , somewhere to be at , something to do, and something to learn.

      My first semester at Cornerstone University has come to an end and I give God all the glory. This semester got me answering questions such as where I am from, how did I learn how to speak English, have I ever seen snow? How did I hear about Cornerstone University, do I miss my family? Among many other questions. My highlight however was interacting with students from different cultures and getting to hear their stories. Cornerstone, a place that has seen many leave their homes, culture and comforts in pursuit of education, dreams careers and purpose.

     A small, beautiful, extraordinary community in cold Michigan empowering young men and women to influence the world for Christ. A home that embraces, celebrates and thrives in diversity. The picture above represents people from all over the world.The international community that I have spent time getting to know them.It is amazing how God created us differently and that makes everything so beautiful, just like the rainbow.The most interesting thing is that these people represent different stories and perspectives. I believe we are stronger when we all embrace each other, challenge each other, grow each other and learn from each other.

I am looking forward to the next semester.If He has done it before, He can do it again. God has indeed began good work in me and many other students and He will carry us through till the end. I pray that He will continue to grow us, mature us and make us useful for his kingdom.

~~Merry Christmas Friends~~

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