Momentary Discomfort

I talk a lot about flying. I love traveling. I love flying. I’m probably just one of those people you would see hash-tagging things like #Wanderlust, Go everywhere, Do everything, and Meet everyone among others. I love the diversity and the thrill of visiting new places. My Europe friend, Jackson once told me that the beauty about traveling around the world is that there is no right way to travel. There is no way that we should experience the country or talk with its people. There is no correct way to order a meal that is foreign when one doesn’t even speak the local language. Then there are beautiful moments when you only connect with a smile; I experienced this when in Mexico.

Incredibles-7025.jpgThis year I had a very interesting moment. So there I was flying home to Kenya from Botswana which is South of Africa. I always book a window seat so that I can see God’s wonders. The flight was going on so well, the sun was out and the clouds were forming so nice. Looking out from my window it was just surreal. The view was breath-taking, and I was there taking in the vast expanse of beautiful heavens and land surrounding us. It almost felt like my spirit was soaring and at that moment I felt that I could accomplish just about anything! It’s like I heard God say again “Rule over this creation “. Two hours after takeoff, the plane was diverted away from a thunderstorm and powerful winds by the control tower and the pilot had to make a quick descend. He made quick and uncomfortable moves that got the passengers panic. After 10 minutes of maneuvers, shaking, and turnings, ups and down, we came to smooth, stabilized cruise and the seat belt signs went off. I get shocked at people’s reactions, mine as well. We began murmuring and complaining of how the pilot was not careful with what he was doing until his voice on the speaker came on saying. “Apologies for the rough experience, the tower contacted us and quickly instructed us of the danger ahead and had to slightly divert from our flight path for our safety. We are now backing to our flight path.” He assured us not to worry and everything was fine and in case of any problem we would contacts his able attendants and everyone in the plane clapped.

I remember some of us going to the pilot after landing and thanking him for saving our lives. He shielded us from a danger we could not see that was straight ahead of us. He had carefully listened to the control tower and followed instructions without questioning the magnitude of danger that was ahead of us and despite the momentary discomfort experienced, it saved our lives. The pilot had listened and followed the instructions given by the tower who had a broader perspective and had seen the whole picture ahead of us. The pilot did not lean on his own understanding, but listened to the tower who had a broader perspective. I don’t know about you but I have experienced moments of discomfort, I have had to make a choice to listen to God saying some painful stuff asking me to surrender some comfortable things, life, people, ideas so that I can descend in altitude for a better cruise ahead or keep flying and crash. I must admit, it has not been easy. Sometimes I have tried to resist, then relented when I realized He has a broader view and he is shielding me from huge danger ahead. Sometimes I don’t even know or realize he is shielding me and I complain.

My prayer for us is that as we fly through life, we will listen to God who has a broader perspective of our life and not make him just a billboard on a highway of life. He is going to take us through momentary discomfort not to discourage us but to shield us from the evil one. He is always guiding us. He does not need a nap to before he can handle us and loves us so much. He is patient with us and we don’t wear Him out with all our drama. It’s in his patience that allows us to experience his kindness and mercy. Therefore brothers and sisters, I urge you not to lean on your own understanding, Just listen and trust him. So I asked God to give you the courage and boldness even in your momentary discomfort, and the most amazing thing about allowing God to lead you is that, when He’s done with you all that are left are traces of His presence and an unmistakable mark of His glory on your life.

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