God’s Control Tower.

575879_4392401414428_968906441_nI talked about a GPS in my previous post and said that I had used it before while flying a plane. Yes, If you now me really well, you know that I can fly a plane. Flying is easy, nice and fun. I remember every time I needed to fly I had to write a flight plan, get my equipment such as headsets, logbook and many other. I had amazing instructors who taught me step by step how to have my way around flying planes and whenever I would get to the plane , there is no way I could move from ground to the air without the control tower’s permission. Somebody say “CONTROL TOWER” … turn to your neighbor and tell them “Control tower”. It’s crazy how I’m discovering how God works by observing the simple things, activities, objects of life.

I have been in the control tower room many times. My friend and I used to go observe how planes were controlled as we waited for the aircraft we had to use to land. Let me tell you something about the control tower. A control tower is the tall building at an airport from which the movements of air and runway traffic are controlled. They hold the huge task of ensuring safe operations of commercial and private aircraft falls on air traffic controllers. They must coordinate the movements of thousands of aircraft, keep them at ¬safe distances from each other, direct them during takeoff and landing from airports, direct them around bad weather and ensure that traffic flows smoothly with minimal delay. If control towers did not exist, or the pilot looses communication, the planes would all crash.

God does operate like a control tower. He is there and has a wide view of our space. He knows how the weather ahead looks like, He knows where we should avoid and when we call for a “MAY DAY “He is there to give us directions to a safe landing ground. He has full understanding of our environments. God needs us to connect with him, trust him and follow his instructions carefully or we are going to crash. Will you connect to him? How do we do so? By praying and reading his word day and night. I don’t know about you but my prayer is that we will put on our headset and connect with God.

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