GPS ( God’s Positioning System )

I discovered something interesting about GPS (Global Positioning System) or should I say “God’s Positioning System”. Okay I will explain the relation shortly. I have used a GPS a few times, when I used to fly Planes and driving mostly in America. Africans are quite adventurous ,In fact Kenyan say “kupotea njia ndio kujua njia “which means as I try hard to direct translate,” getting lost is the best way to know the way “.

I should probably start by explaining how a GPS works. To use a GPS, you need three things. First, you need connection to internet. The second thing you need is your current position and finally you need to know your destination. When all that is set, The GPs carefully gives you instructions step by step to your final destination. You will hear the lady say “in 5miles, turn right into the street the drive 100mile “. She never gives you all the instructions at once. If your GPS gave you all instructions at once then you would be confused and maybe not get to your final destination. Each time you make a turn that the GPS has not instructed, the GPS recalculates your trip back to your main route to your intended final destination and in most cases, you end up taking longer.

I discovered God’s Position System this week. For you to use God’s Positioning System, you need GOD. God is concerned about your final destination, He is very concerned about how you are going to get there and more than willing to guide you step by step. Just like a GPS, he wants to know and cares so much about your current position and no matter how many times we mess up or disobey him; he is more than willing to recalculate our steps back to him. The lady in the GPS does not give us all steps at once and so does God. I think if he told us our full journey at once, we would get so confused.

I don’t know what you are going through, but I need you to know that God cares about your current position, not where you are from. He wants you to listen to his instructions and he will take you on your journey step by step, he will guide you, show you where to stop along your way, which road to avoid or which road is closed. My prayer for us all is that, we will trust God as he leads us step by step.

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