Protect your Hair

Recently, God has been teaching me painful lessons about protecting the call of God in my life.I remember sometime in January I was  breaking and falling apart on the inside because of the challenges I was going through in ministry.If you wanna join ministry , really you have to think twice. Its not an easy call. You fight so many things . Your Call, anointing is so important and the devil knows if he could just poison the call he would shun everything . Its one of the most rewarding things though.

I was thinking, How did Samson not see that Delilah was plotting ?  it’s so clear . Samson makes a fool of her , then she sends the philistines and Samson takes them out. He fools her again and the same thing happens . I mean how on earth was Samson not seeing this coming ? well I do not blame Samson . I don’t know about you but everyday I miss the small things that poisons my potential. Sometime I am shocked at how I do not pay attention to small ( issues, thoughts, activities ) that may look so small but have a huge impact on the call God has for me.

So God I ask that you renew every weary heart, that you will open the eyes of my heart to see you, discern and hear you. My prayer for me and  you is that you will protect the call of God in your life. All Samson had to do was to protect his hair . Protect your call.

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