Confessions of a Children’s Pastor

That Important Day in November

Photo by :Lens Afrique

Photo by :Lens Afrique

Mark Twain said “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” .November 21st 2011 is the day I realized why I was born .This is the day my world turned at 180 degrees and took a different course .That evening I encountered a full body shiver and felt my heart filled with children ministry. My action year was 2013 when I decided to swim deep into ministry and find out how deep it could be. Lately, I’ve been asking God to break my hardened heart, and so He’s been doing that. It’s a long and unpredictable process, but my faith and passion for loving kids has grown so much. Children are blessings from the lord .I just don’t believe that but it drives everything I do.

I have given my life to raise kids as leaders that God created them to be. I’m so grateful that I have the unique opportunity to speak God promises into the lives of children. The three years in Children Ministry has been a blur, but somehow I have gone through it. I have many times wondered about God’s purpose for me because things kept on unfolding layer after layer .I’m however convinced that God has been leading me. There are many melt downs I have had and many times I have wanted to throw in the towel. But in the same breath, I cannot count how many doors God has opened for me, or the numerous opportunities that have come my way in a seemingly effortless manner.

So much I have learnt from children. I have learnt how to have a childlike faith, how to trust my father in heaven and not leaning on my own understanding. Children are the purest, most innocent people I know. Every day they rediscover the world with a freshness and exuberance. For kids, everything is exciting. Children report everything they see with an honest and condor that often makes adults laugh. No wonder Jesus said “whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as little child will by no means enter it (Luke 18:17) .

West Stafford has always said that, “the most powerful force on earth is the prayer of a child.” My prayer for anyone reading this Is that you find your passion and purpose, learning that you are not here by chance, but for a very special and unique role that only you were designed to play by God.

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