Favor has no Friends .

Favor Has no Friends

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Have you ever been in that position of genuinely “it wasn’t me “, helpless or you simply couldn’t defend yourself no matter how much you scream? Or a place you felt Jesus should have come down and explained what had happened? Or it was a case of being at a wrong place at the wrong time? Or even felt betrayed by a brother/sister/a friend or a workmate?

Well I think we all do. I have been betrayed and many times miss understood and ended up misjudged .I remember sometime back I got into trouble with my Bose’s, for decisions I had made and thought they were right at that particular situation and this is not the first time, God is really working on slowing me down, I think I am too fast to act. I remember thinking in my head I wish they were in my shoes to feel and understand where I was coming from, but too bad and too late; a decision had been made on my behalf and had no control of things.

Let me tell you about someone in the bible who was in such a situation. His name is Joseph. He was his father’s favorite son. He had great dreams that made him feel good about himself. But then one day his entire life changed. Can you imagine how it must have felt to know your brothers hated you so much that they would sell you out of their lives? Joseph had heard from God. He now had a purpose, or a vision, for his life, even if it wasn’t received by others. You were created for a divine purpose as well!
The hard part is this, I sometime try and think what was going through Joes mind that moment when Portifers wife’s robe was in his hand and he was being accused *Pause for effect *. If I was in that position maybe I would try and say “it wasn’t me, or maybe stammers trying to justify myself. Joseph had a choice – he could either stay or attempt to justify himself that after all, it was her doings and he had no choice, or, flees. Joseph with immediate effect was put to prison.

How about you, how do you deal with such situations? I must confess I get so angry. See rather than being angry and feeling sorry for Himself Joseph continued to humble himself before the lord and continued to look favorable upon God.I believe that was also a training ground for Josephs path to greatness.
Dear friends, I am very grateful to God for allowing me to go through these times because I have had a lot to discover. When God wants to teach you a lesson, he brings a teacher and such situations are the teacher. I have also discovered that we are favored by God and favor has no friend. And lastly I have discovered that some fights you cannot fight physically but spiritually .Joseph could not explain to the rest that he had not raped Portifers wife, the only person who could tell was God.

My prayer for you is that God will connect you to the right people because you cannot become who you’re destined to be if you keep hanging around people who are jealous of whom you’re becoming. I want to encourage anyone out there….is there someone who wants you to fail? but the devil is a liar!
You are a CHILD OF GOD! You are absolutely UNSTOPPABLE!!! God has put on you Robe that will make people hate you…
Just like Joseph you are FAVORED of God but remember Favor has no Friends

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