Have you ever been discouraged?

Have you ever been discouraged?



I got an opportunity to facilitate speed dating past weekend. I am single but was afraid to try not that I can’t but it reminded me of the first time I thought of dating. I felt my time had come and I was ready, handsome, great guy and famous in school I knew that I would not have any problem in getting anyone of my choice .There was this girl in school that I liked, she was the girl all the girls wanted to be around and all the guys wanted to be with .In many ways I tried to flirt and look attractive to her. Then came the first time I made that “bold move “ asking her out for a date , I do not know what or why ladies made it so hard for a guy . She looked me from toe to head walking away.That was one of the most devastating time of my life , I could not think straight from that moment on and all that would come to my head was a series of unanswered questions What had I been doing there ? Why on earth had I even tried? Why such a dumb idea had even crossed my mind? Why did I even know her? I was so discouraged. I remember sitting on a stone there and consoling self pondering on just what had happened despite me putting my best foot forward.

What about you?
Have you had a discouraging moment? That moment when you had a setback? That moment that a circumstance or a person conspired to put a damper on your best laid plan? Could be in business as well, a deal gone wrong.

Well I look at Moses in the bible. Moses had many reasons to be discouraged. First, he was disappointed in people because his expectations that his people would understand what he wanted to do for them and would accept him were not fulfilled.
He was also disappointed in his circumstances. After years of privilege and education in Egypt, he certainly had never dreamed that he would spend the rest of his life tending sheep in a desert. What a discouraging future!!! Moses was leading a flock of sheep around the Sinai wilderness when God spoke to him from the burning bush. Despite the thrilling experience of hearing God’s voice coming from the burning bush, all of Moses’ self-confidence was gone. See, God patiently answered each of Moses’ objections and insecurities. He promised to be with him. He gave him the power to perform miracles. He assured him that the Israelites would follow him this time and that God would compel the Egyptians to let them go by His great power. But Moses was a discouraged and defeated man. Even God’s wonderful promises didn’t convince him.

It doesn’t stop there, Moses goes and shares with the people he is leading .This time the people accepted him and worshiped God, and Moses was encouraged. Things were working out as God had said they would. When it came to telling pharaoh “let my people go” pharaoh becomes even harsher. Pharaoh oppressed his slaves even more, until life became unbearable for them. And who was to blame? Moses, of course,Just imagine the disappointment Moses felt? He had told them God would deliver them. Instead, their circumstances were worse than ever. Naturally, Moses was discouraged  too. Poor Moses! He was depending on his own ability instead of realizing that he was simply the instrument in God’s hands.

Later on in the story we see how God showed himself strong. He opened the Red Sea for them to pass on dry ground, He led them with a pillar of cloud and fire. He fed them with manna. He gave them water from the rock. He supplied their every need. But over and over, the people complained. They were disappointed about one thing and then another. Even though Moses increased in his faith and dependence on God, the people’s constant complaining drained his strength. Moses worst disappointment came when he was forbidden to enter the land himself. This happened because of an outburst of pride and anger. He begged God to allow him to go across the Jordan. After all, hadn’t he been a faithful servant for forty years? But God’s answer was a resounding “No.”  I believe God let him suffer discouragements  because they drove him to know God, enabling Moses to trust Him to a greater degree. Of course, He does the same with us.

I have come to realize In any case, we should never give place  discouragement for a moment! In my case I felt very discouraged and had vowed never again to date but that would have stopped the great plans God has for my life. When we learn to handle our negative feelings, we learn how to keep away from discouragement. it’s very natural to want to give up but it’s important to note , we should just rise up and forge forward .I must say since that day I have risen ,dusted myself and ready to try my luck of getting a girlfriend again .like it is said “ ENCOURAGE YOURSELF IN THE LORD MY BROTHER/SISTER “

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