Team Malawi

Day 1- Day 4

Who would have thought being a missionary would be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The craze, the desire, the suspense, the fire; an amazing 4 days it was, every second with a new undertaking. Our hearts, minds and thoughts locked on the destination, with the tyres of our 4 x 4 van firm on the road. They say old is wise, young is strong; these four days demanded that we be young enough to be strong yet old enough to be wise, guess this is what it meant for us #Team Malawi

It started up with crazy nights, late night calls, trying to get a van, a picture of a perfect ride but a reality of no car at all. All that we had been promised by people dint happen. Sometimes God amazes me, he let us go all the way to the cliff and then when we think us just about to fall, he catches us. That’s exactly what happened, just before we could give up he gave us a brand new van (KBZ ) as if that is not enough, the guys giving us the van gave us Ksh 9000 ($100 ) for our mission.


Tanzania sunset


The Homesteds in Tz

Our journey began on Wednesday at 2pm heading to Namanga (Tanzania – Kenya) border, there was so much excitement and everybody was ready for the great road trip across countries .we got to the border at 4pm and in 30minutes we were done. We then launched in to an amazing early Tanzanian sunset shinning down to the hills and homesteads leaving everyone in the van with smiles.


The journey was indeed God’s , we had so much favour; first we got a good van, then a smooth clearance in all borders and despite having a few issues with the traffic police, we were never fined. Thirdly we went into an internet café to print some documents and the lady refused us to pay saying she had allowed to do everything for free, like who does that. We got to Malawi late and the border was shutting down, but instead they waited for us to finish and even gave the team a VIP treatment. Lastly, the team has remained united all through, and as I write this, the ladies in our team are being hosted by the waweru’s family and the guys are hosted by the Kihato’s family. It’s so much fun being around their kids.


One Big Happy family

They say the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step; we say a journey of a thousand plus miles begins and ends with the grace of God. The journey continues stay tuned and see what God does in the next 14days ………


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