14880b7065b611e39bef121308ba3728_8Soooooo , it’s amazing how this year 2014 has turned out to be.

Last year September 2013, I made one of the most difficult decisions ever, taking a break from flying and joining discovery Africa at Mavuno church. Discovery Africa is a one year full-time leadership training that prepares you to become the leader that God created you to be. Discovery will help you discover your gifts, abilities and passions in the context of serving with a dynamic team of leaders. For me, it has been an exciting roller coaster of experience. It’s not a bed of roses I must say and it’s not for the faint hear-ted , there are many times I felt like quitting and there are many times I felt this was the place I should be and was all excited .

I remember in the beginning, I was posted at one of the new Church plant called Green Park; this is one of my highlights in the journey. I worked close with an amazing man of God called Pastor Thomas Omollo, this guy pushed me hard to get things done, it was tough but I look back today and I am great full for the push. There are days we went and only few people would show up, trust me this was very discouraging, church used to start at 10am and at 9.55am we would get like 3 people, I remember always going into one of the classrooms and repeatedly saying “God please bring people to charge” at one point I took the van and went around picking kids to attend the children’s church. A team of 6 of us, had to always full of energy every Sunday, we would set up sound, decor, sits and greenhouse (children’s church) and then after service do a set down.

Green Park church was a training ground for me, during this time we prayed hard and God showed up , the church grew up to having 30 members and at one point when we had a family fun day and 180 people showed up. This was the last Sunday before we could merge and join our new Campus Hill City and I remember on the last day while having a pizza, Pastor Thomas Omollo quoting the scripture Philippians 1:6 “he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion”. Times when I felt tired, fell sick, collapsed and even went broke but I was reminded Don’t be anxious about the tests and trials that come your way; this is the testing of your faith, and in the end it produces endurance, and God has built in you the capacity to endure. If you’re reading this and feel like throwing in the towel, ask God for a renewal of your endurance, because it will carry you through the deepest seas.

Today, green park members are very committed and also serve most of them as ushers; Pastor Thomas took a class through mizizi and lea , the estate has become a community that love and care for each other (they even have a what sup group ) . Every time I look into the eyes of the kids at green park I see joy , love and I know there is something worth living for and I thank God for putting me in this journey where I can discover and incubate God’s purpose for my life for the glory of his name .

The Journey continues, next I will be telling you about getting back to hill city, the many outreach stuff (very exhausting) as interns we did and how our faith grew………………


  1. Maureen Ngesa
    July 23, 2014 / 2:25 pm

    Lovely piece Mordecai. You did a great job in GP. Be blessed

  2. July 24, 2014 / 6:44 am

    Mordecai you never cease to amaze me and at the same time challenge. your heart of service and learning is rare. I pray with you that as the Lord leads you in this Journey He will provide and His grace be sufficient.
    PS: While you were away a i got a new blog at word press 🙂

  3. November 11, 2014 / 3:53 pm

    I am reading this now, and really feeling encouraged. God is indeed faithful

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