God’s Folder

Been looking at my desktop and God speaks to me. see in our computers we have so many folders containing different data, some very important ,some not so serious while some are just there we have already used them and can delete them anytime we need space. My take on this is, God does have folders for our life, I’m thinking  every season in our life represents a folder.

look at it this way, I have a folder in my laptop , I open the folder work on some work in it, if I hurry sometimes the computer just freezes and I have to wait right?  God does open a new folder  every time we are in a season , not only does he open it, he works on it depending on the work to be done as well as the right timing for the work. The good thing about God is that he does not hurry, he takes his time but for us we tend to hurry and we end up Freezing, i’m  thinking sometime we want something so much we even say its God’s when its not ,we end up rebelling and you know what god says? “well you so rebellious just have it” but we end up missing out  on God. You where Gods want you to be right now , its the right timing for God.

so every time you are done with any kind of folder, you close and open a new fresh folder and the new folder is always updated with fresh new stuff. God does close a folder and opens a new folder for our life with better  and big plans for our life (Jer 29:11)  we just have to walk hand in hand with him. Different folders have different information, some  happy photos , sad photos, documents, e.t.c. what I mean by this is every season in our life’s is different some seasons we are happy some we go through so much but remember, there is nothing that happens that God is not aware of, he is a sovereign God.

its funny how I see God in everything I touch!  so Ask God what your Folder Contains and what he wants to do with the folder or perhaps he wants to trash the folder you in now and give you a new folder.

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