VBS 2013

Listening to a song “What if I believed Christ in me and I really lived it “ well im a living testimony that indeed I can totally believe in Christ and he will surely come through for you. I know it’s been long since I wrote anything here but I guess God has been working on me teaching me how to put my faith and trust in me.
I just got done with VBS (Vocational Bible school) in the USA and I must say I have learnt a lot through kids and people around me, most are the times I would get home, stay on bed thinking of God’s love .I could see through Gods eyes on how he loves us but we so blind to see that. I take an example of a parent who tells a child to stop doing something because the parent knows its bad for the child but the child rebels while all the parent wants is to see the kid safe. God says in the book of Jeremiah 29:11 I know you’ve heard this verse too many times, that he has big and great plans for our life.
I would love to tell of my stay in the USA but that’s not my point, because anyone can fly there but the big difference is my experience with the kids (2300+300) kids, I will miss all those kids. To cut the whole story short, all this kids got together to raise money to build a school in Kenya ,so kids would do different kind of activities to raise money sell lemonade, sell their extra cloths that they do not need ,wash cars e.t.c and they managed to raise $28000. Isn’t that phenomenal??? Yes it is.
(well there was ryan (not his real name). He has had a coin that he carries with him whenever he goes when he is afraid or needs luck its called a lucky coin ,he would never trade his coin for anything else .Ryan really wanted to help raise money to build the school at jikaze but he is very young and could not do anything. He came and asked if he could give his coin to the kids at the idp camp so that they could be lucky.) this is one of the story among many that moved me .
We always say love your neighbor as yourself, but do we really mean it? These kids have never and may never meet the kids in Kenya but they have so much love them gave and prayed for them.
My prayer is that God will come into my heart give me a humble heart and energy to serve him, I want to be his hands and knees. I believe God is equipping me for the African Child. I want to leave a legacy I want to be known to have been part of something that is greater than me.IMG_2474 IMG_2382 IMG_2381 IMG_2358


  1. August 7, 2013 / 10:26 am

    it has been ages indeed since you blogged.

    I cant help but smile as i read this because kids are sooo precious in how they think and act. you must have had a great time there :).

    You dream is a big one and equally you serve a BIG GOD who shall surely bring it to pass. Continually Trust in Him.

    Wishing you all the Blessings.

    • July 23, 2014 / 1:21 pm

      hey Becky , sure i am going to be posting more often.

      thanks for reading all Glory is God’s

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