what a holiday it has been 2 months of it December and January,but it was worth  it and i thank God for everyone i met. but there were 2 highlights, that was in Zambia and the recent kinda high school reunion i would say.


my visit to Zambia was wow! it was amazing to see young people who were devoted to Christ i mean they r totally sold out to Christ.The camp goes by the name THE DANIELS CAMP 2011. just by the name you can tell by looking how Daniel really devoted his life to Christ as a young person.throughout the five days i grew spiritually and i also made new family from Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Among the topics that we got to be taught were.issues of Identity this was my favorite as it reflected much about my life where at some point in life i felt i was betraying my identity and i could really feel God talk to me ,and i remember praying to God to give me strength to always represent him no matter my surrounding or should i say the environment i am in because i really dnt want to conform to worldly life.( we should not avoid Babylon instead we should go represent him to the fullest) i had to mention that cause that statement really means alot more especially to me.

the other topic was on the sovereignty of God.this was so amazing coz i could now reflect to the disasters that happened in the world in 2011  and see God in the mist of everything.Iv always blamed God when things happened but i learn  that, everything that happens in this world happens under God’s knowledge. and everything the devil does there are boundaries God gives him .well everything in this world belongs to God mind you i mean everything.and in summary of that i learn  that God always allow stuff to happen so that he can Establishment something new in your life.

will be talking much about the teachings we got.  my favorite was moving towards the plain of confluence.confluence means flowing together to a merging point .and i remember there was that image of two rivers which flow and join to form one river. what struck me was the images  lord uses to describe our base of frequency towards the plain of confluence.this images are the ripple, hurricane and the voax.

ok there is much to talk about the three but let me talk about the ripple.if my memory serves me right i remember  this shows how we receive God’s word or how we hear from God.the greater the impact ,the wider the distribution by now you should know that God does great thing and you should not be amazed or you should not stop being  amazed coz he is gonna do even greater things.the impact at the core determines the distribution across  so i must become strong core so that i can have a great distribute  across the world.

ok there is too much i can say about this but in summary to this we looked at how we can get a quality impact.first is by having a pure hear and second is by being still in heart as the stillness of heart determines the clarity of the ripple remember the best ripple occur in still water.

what more can i say about Zambia ,amazing people they were, the warm welcome ,the hospitality .the young people there are so encouraging and full of love, in fact im busy trying to figure out i can go back and spend sometime. and as the camp came to an end  we had “UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY sitting .oh my word this was the highlight of all it reminded me of debate back in high school

talking of high school last weekend i had a reunion hook up.this was one of the best ways to start the year, i felt like going back to high school.we talked about our ups and downs during high schooldays ,laughing about some stupid things we did ,comparing varsity life and high school.we had lunch together and bid each other goodbye it was just wow.i thank God for the class i was in back in class most of them have made it thank to God.most of them are doing medicine some are lawyers and guess what im the class Captain im training how to become a pilot ,all this to the glory of after reflecting all that we just thank God for the far he has brought us and the far we still to go.

last but not least its my last week in Botswana (my second home). Kenya  misses me a lot and still its high time i Go continue CHANGING THE EARTH.


  1. January 30, 2012 / 11:00 am

    Hey mordy, its great to hear hw God is working in ur life, am really so hapy for u and besides that God is sovergn rilly, continue touching God, continue building u are on the rihgt track, God bless u bro, had a gud tym with u guys too, it was beyond just a small team of Daniels coming together but more of what God is building in us today,God is watching every little thing we do for him because its significant,Gud u r studying to become a pilot, we did ve one in the Daniels u knw,i wish u all the very best and jst knw u are relevant to God’s kingdom,his counting on ya….will see u soon in Zambia or either way,bless ur heart…..chaoo

    • January 30, 2012 / 11:31 am

      Thanx Christine great to hear from you.and yes soon i will be back to Zambia im not yet done.cheers

  2. koziba slave
    February 3, 2012 / 10:07 am

    diz R 1 true woRdz i’v evr heard en t z a pleasur 2 noe hw commtd u ar 2 GOD…ol diz preciouz wonders u do to chang diz woRld w livng n,t z an honor 2 hear u chang peop’lyf so az showin dem da 1 en nli way 2 GOD…
    may da gud heart u hav grow n ol way+ um hapi wth da woRdz f inspirtn u shre wth uz

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