Harness the Wind

Harness the wind

I like movies or books based on true stories. Stories that inspire, remind us of our journey and ignite in a us hope for a better tomorrow. In fact, Donald Miller, founder of Story Brand, always says that we should live a life so interesting that movie producers would want to make a movie out of our lives. There is always something unique that makes someone’s life be turned into a book or a movie. Your life has to be ordinary in an extraordinary way, with some thrill, exciting times, unpredictable moments, joys, tears…. and the movie becomes even greater when it’s about serving other people, a sacrifice, selflessness and a love for others!

My spring break plan this year is Netflix. Feel free to suggest a show or a movie you think would spark or inspire creativity. The first movie I watched this was, “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.” This is a true story of William Kwamkwamba, a young boy from Malawi, Africa who saves his village from famine by constructing a windmill that provided water and electricity. The movie takes us into the incredible journey of innovation that never gave up in face of immense suffering! It’s a story of perseverance, resilience and a God who watches over us and makes everything beautiful in His time!

Growing up, William was sent home from school because his family could not afford to pay for his tuition, but his lack of school fees did not stop him. William made use of the library to harness his science skills with the hope that one day, he would do something to make sure his village and family thrived. When the principal/head teacher realized that William used the school library, William was expelled from school. All odds were against him, but William never let his circumstances stand in the way of his purpose. Then one day, William’s experiments and lots of hard work paid off – a windmill that saw water flowing into the villager’s farms, enabling their crops grow, and the community no longer starved to death. Words and blog cannot fully express and tell the story or get the book or watch the movie. In the end, William got scholarships to complete his studies until his master’s level. What a story? What a God story!

After watching Williams story, I began to reflect and understand the idea of humble beginnings and sacrifices. It’s interesting what you can learn about life when you ask people to tell you where their story began, or their childhood story, or how they began their organization, or the times they failed at business and never gave up, or how they met their spouses. We live in times where culture defines us, instant gratification or should I say “microwave culture”, is the order of the day. What people do not understand is the process and the journey it takes to make greatness or understand the meaning or greatness and success thereof. 

I would suggest that even as you read this, many people do not understand the struggles you have gone through, the fights you have had to fight, the mountains you have climbed or the fire you have gone through. They know you by your name and what you do, but really not who you truly are, a fighter, a mountain climber and an overcomer. I challenge you to get to intentionally know someone, ask them to tell you their story, do not give up on anyone in light of their current circumstance. You never know, they are on their own journey with God and the script for their lives could chance in a blink of an eye. Learn and challenge yourself to see the potential in others…see them for who they could become and not who they are.  

Like William, God is also working in our lives. Sometimes it’s so clear and specific and other times we cannot see in the moment, but He is still working in us and through us. Do not worry about where you are at (easier said) or worry about where your life is heading! The maker of heaven and earth, day and night see your sacrifices, he sees your tears, he understands your pain and he care. In his own time, He will make everything beautiful and you will see Him in the fullness of who He is. He is a loving God, our provider, protector our strength and salvation, who shall we be afraid of! Never stop trying! Don’t give up! Get up!


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