Would you say "YES, IM A CHRISTIAN" with a gun in your face?

Would you say “YES, IM A CHRISTIAN” with a gun in your face?

Photo taken by Ashan Rumaiz Photography

Photo taken by Ashan Rumaiz Photography

Reflecting on how much God has moved these past few months is so beautifully overwhelming. I’ve been and continue to be flooded with so many emotions, Excitement and sadness, hope and frustration. But so much more things to be thankful for . My time in Asia (Sri-Lanka) was probably one of the hardest months for me physically and some days spiritually. It’s very easy to be a Christian in some places and but so hard in Asia and Middle East.

I left with a team of 5 children ministry volunteers to Sri-Lanka to attend and participate in a Vocational Bible School for Kids (summer Camp). My ultimate goal was to see how God would work in the team’s lives more than through them. It all began when we met One Reverend (Name withheld ) , founder and pastor of an amazing ministry (Name withheld ) , a missions-oriented church-planting organization with a burden for reaching those in areas and communities who are un-reached by the gospel. His heart to reach out and be God’s witness to the ends of the earth is contagious. He is simply a man willing to be used by God . He reaches out to remote and marginalized communities with a great passion for reaching them for Christ. Research shows that 70.19% of SrI-Lankans are Buddhists, 12.6% were Hindus, 9.7% were Muslims and 7.4% Christians (6.1% Roman Catholic and 1.3% other Christian).

I met a friend (name withheld for now) .His Story made me realize how much freedom I have in Kenya as a Christian. He has gone through so much for being a Christian and he is willing to die for being one. He was in tears as he told me his story of how he had lost his brother and Father as a result of converting from Buddhist to Christianity.This is one story out of many of people willing to die for being Christians. I think sometimes we miss the boat and don’t really know what following Christ looks like. It’s not about quantity (how much you do for Him) or quality (how good you are for Him) it’s about a genuine relationship between yourself and God. If you really think about it, we as Christians have one of the ‘easiest’ religions, and yet we apathetically choose to pass on the free gifts offered to us by the King of this world. As a follower of Christ – all I have to do is seek Jesus, love Him, and follow Him.

I’m so glad for people, churches and many other compelled, to reach out to our brothers and sisters in Asia . You ask what has been on my mind the past one month!! Asia! Asia! Asia! Middle East!! Middle East!! For Jesus. The story God is writing is bigger than one person, organization, country, or program. It’s a story of the Body of Christ in action, working together to establish his kingdom, continuing the Story he’s been writing all along – the story of setting his children free.

But to be honest ,Would you say “YES, IM A CHRISTIAN” with a gun in your face?


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